With over 40 years of experience, at Maca Rendering Ltd we are pleased to provide a range of high-quality external rendering services in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

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Rendering Specialists in Chesterfield

A building with fresh render can modernise or freshen up a more traditional style. It can also bring newer and more modern buildings to life. This is why it is so important that you use a rendering specialist with years of experience and expertise.

With over 40 years of experience, at Maca Rendering Ltd we offer external rendering services in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for sleek aesthetics or improved weather resistance, our render specialists will work closely with you to create the perfect finish.

Additionally, our team works with domestic and commercial clients to provide property rendering. Whether your building is old or new, you can rest assured that we will be able to find the perfect solution for you.

For more information about our external rendering services in Chesterfield, please call us on 0114 400 0129 and a member of our team will happily assist you.

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Silicone Finish Coloured Render

A popular render for people in Chesterfield and all over the country is silicone. As a lightweight, breathable render, it is a popular choice. There are also several colours to select, allowing you to customise your home. Moreover, it is even suitable for indoor use.

Application of the silicone render is relatively simple. Firstly, we apply the first coat (basecoat) on a clean and appropriate surface. This could be bricks, stones, render board, concrete blocks, or even insulation.

We will then allow the render time to dry and cure. After a couple of days, a primer is added to the base coat. We then apply a final coat in a colour of your choosing. The final finish is the most important step and this is where we pay attention to detail.

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Types of Render

Our range of render options makes it easy for you to personalise the exterior of your home. Our rendering specialists at Maca Rendering Ltd can also offer advice and guidance on the right choice if you need assistance.

Some of the external wall renders available include:

  • Coloured Silicone Finish
  • Acrylic
  • Scratch
  • Lime

Furthermore, when you talk to a member of our team they will talk you through the benefits and differences between the rendering options. Our free quote and consultation are no-obligation, allowing you to find out more about property rendering.

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External Render Services

As well as giving you several options for types of render, our dedicated team also offer EWI – external wall insulation – and external cladding.

Insulated walls help to improve the heating efficiency of your property, which intern reduces heating bills and CO2 emissions. Alongside this, it can also add to the weatherproofing of the walls, making your home or workplace last even longer.

If you would like to look at some previous projects we have worked on and see our excellent rendering finish, please take a look at our Gallery or scroll through our Instagram page.

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