Three Coat Silicone Finish

We ensure we provide a service that is truly cost-effective and worth every penny.


Silicone Render In Sheffield

Maca Rendering Ltd are specialists in providing quality silicone render solutions to customers in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. We ensure we provide a service that is truly cost-effective and worth every penny.

Silicone render is one of the best renders on the market.

For more information about our silicone render services in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, contact Maca Rendering Ltd by calling 0114 400 0129.

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Why Choose Silicone Render?

A popular choice due to its anti-crack formula, UV resistance, weatherproof and self-cleaning properties, silicone rendering gives your property a fresh look with no maintenance required. Three coat silicone render is a ‘thin coat’ render, meaning that it is applied on top of a basecoat at just a few millimetres thick.

There are many advantages to using silicone render, especially due to its quality of finish. Silicone is breathable, where cement and acrylic renders completely seal the wall which prevents it from breathing. On top of that, silicone is self-coloured. Unlike other renders that must be painted after application, silicone render has the colour mixed into it, so it only needs one coat. Having the render pre-coloured also means it will last longer and won’t show scratches as the colour is mixed through the whole topcoat.

Above all else, silicone looks great. It gives your property a new lease of life and is available in a wide range of colours.

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