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Should you spray windows before or after render?

You are highly recommended to spray the windows after the rendering is finished, It is important that the window spraying is done after the rendering is finished. The reason for this is that a decent rendering company you chosen will tape up all windows with low tack tape and film. This can damage the recently sprayed windows making the paint delaminate away from the windows.  However, this may not always be the case, we have had this occur on a number of jobs and we highly advise our customers to spray their windows after we finished the rendering job.

Should you fit your windows before or after the render?

Please always fit your Windows and doors which need fitting in the areas that are to be rendered, should always be fitted before the rendering.  We render to the frames of the window or door, so it is imperative that these are fitted first.

To have a beautiful finish render, and to take advantage of all the rendering features, if you are fitting windows or doors, do it first and if you are spraying, do it second. We recommend that the render should be one of the last trades on site, so that the render stays pristine.